ISCSI Target Role – Windows Server – SAN

Configuring the iSCSI Target

The administration of this feature is not done with a mmc console, it is done directly using the server manager.

1. From Server Manager, click File Server Role 1 iSCSI 2 and click Create iSCSI Virtual Disk, start the New iSCSI Virtual Disk Wizard 3.

Ajouter un disque virtuel

2. Select Server 1 and then Location 2 where the virtual disk will be stored and click Next 3.

Emplacement du vdisk

3. Give the virtual disk a name 1 and click Next 2.

Identification du vdisk

4. Specify size 1, type of virtual disk 2, and click Next 3.

Parametres du vdisk

5. Select New iSCSI Target 1 and click the Next 2 button.

Configuration de la cible

6. Give your target 1 a name and click Next 2.

Nom de la cible

7. It is now necessary to define the servers which will have access to the disk, click on Add … 1.

Configuration initiateur

8. Select Type: DNS Name / IP Address 1 and set the FQDN / IP name of Server 2 or click Browse and click OK 3.

With the DNS name of the machine, I could not connect to the target, I explain after how to work around the problem with the IQN.

9. Check taking into account 1 and click Next 2.

Valider les informations

10. Click Next 1.

Identification CHAP

In production, it is recommended to secure access to your iSCSI target using authentication.

11. Click Create 1.

Lancer la création

12. Wait during the creation of the virtual disk, this operation takes more or less time depending on the volume and the type of disk to create.


13. Click Close 1.

Fermer l'assistant

14. Return to the server manager, refresh it. Virtual Disk 1 and iSCSI Target 2 should be visible.

Aperçu du vdisk

15. Open your browser and go to the path defined in point 2, the file of your virtual disk 1 should be visible.

Fichier du vdisk