Deploy Windows with MDT and WDS

Add a task sequence

A task sequence contains various instructions to be done during the installation of the operating system such as:

  • The image to deploy
  • Partitioning
  • The computer name
  • The time zone
  • Applications to install

1. From the console, right click on Task Sequences 1 and click on New Task Sequence 2.

Ajouter une séquence

2. Enter an ID 1, a name 2 and click on Next 3.

Assistant nouvelle sequence

3. Select Standard Client Task Sequence 1 and click Next 2.

Choix du type de sequence

4. Select the Windows image 1 where the sequence will apply and click on Next 2.

Choix de l'image

5. It is possible to specify the activation key at this stage. Click on Next 1.

Clef d'activation

6. Click on Next 1.

Information du propriétaire

7. Specify or not the e th password of the local administrator account 1 then click on Next 2.

Mot de passe administrateur

If you check the option Do not specify Administrator password at this time, the password will be that of the SAM database in the case of a captured image otherwise it will be empty in the case of an image which comes from an ISO Windows.

8. The summary of the sequence is displayed, click on Next 1 to confirm the creation.

Résumé de la sequence

9. Once the sequence has been created, click on Finish 1 to close the wizard.

Séquence ajoutée

10. The sequence is added.

Séquence ajoutée

For the curious, it is possible to customize the sequence (partitioning, applications, windows update, command line …) by right-clicking on the sequence and clicking on Properties

Customizing sequences will be the subject of other tutorials

Now that we have created a task sequence, we can move on to Windows deployment.

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