DaRT: configuration and integration with MDT

Integration of DaRT with MDT


In order to take control of the station being deployed, the monitoring must be activated.

From the directory where DaRT is installed, copy the Toolsx64.cab 1 file to the MDT DeployementShare / Tools / x64 folder. If you also use the 32bits version do the same in the x32 folder.

Copy file

Now you have to regenerate the WinPE image, right from the MDT console, right click on Deployment Share 1 then click on Properties 2 .

MDT Console

Go to the Windows PE tab 1 , select the desired platerform 2 , in the Features part 3 check the Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolkit (DaRT) 4 and click on Apply 5 then 6 .

Enable DaRT in Windwos PE

Generate the WinPE image, right click on Deployment Share 1 and click Update Deployment Share 2 .

update winpe

The WinPE generation wizard is displayed, at each step click on Next 1 .

Wait while generating the WinPE image …


Once the image is complete, close the wizard by clicking Finish 1 .

Image generated

Add or replace the image on the WDS server.

Image added in wds

Now start a post on the generated image, at launch we can now see the access or tools DaRT 1 .


The list of tools is displayed.

DaRT Tools

If you start a deployment and go to the Monitoring part of the MDT console and open the properties of the computer being deployed, you can take control by clicking the DaRT Remote Control button 1 .

Dart remote control

You can control the deployment without needing to be in front of the post.