Active directory: How to set up a child domain

Creating the child domain

In the IP settings, specify a parent domain controller in DNS.

1. Go to the new server, from the server manager click Promote this domain controller server 1 .

Lancer l'assistant

2. Select the option Add new to an existing forest 1 , select Child domain 2 and click on the button Select 3 .

Ajout d'un domaine dans une foret

3. Enter the credentials of an administrator account of the parent domain 1 and click OK 2 .

Entrer les identifiants d'un administrateur du domaine

4. Select parent domain 1 and click OK 2 .

Choisir le domaine

5. Enter the prefix of the new domain name 1 then click Next 2 .

Saisir le sous-domaine

6. Enter the restore mode password 1 and click Next 2 .

Mot du passe du mode restauration

7. Click Next 1 to validate the DNS options.

Option DNS

8. Validate the NETBIOS name by clicking Next 1 .


9. Click Next 1 to enter the path configuration.

Chemin d'accès des fichiers AD

10. Validate the options by clicking Next 1 .

Resume des options

11. Once the tests are validated, click on Install 1 .

Lancer l'installation

12. Wait during the installation, the server should restart …

At reboot, the server will be domain controller, using the server manager, we see the domain to which the server 1 .

Serveur dans son domaine

Now that we have our child domain and domain controller, we must finish the configuration and validate the proper functioning.