Veeam ONE: installation and configuration

Veeam ONE Monitor : virtual infrastructure supervision

Add servers to supervise

1. Start Veeam ONE Monitor and connect to the top.

When the application is first launched, you are prompted to configure Veeam ONE notifications

2. Right-click Virtual Infrastructure 1 and click Add Server 2 .

Add server

3. Select the type of Hypervisor.

Server type

In the HYPER-V SERVER example.

4. Enter the server name or IP 1 , select server type 2 and click Next 3 .

Server name or IP

5. Enter the identifiers 1 of an account that has the connection rights to the server then click Next 2 .

Connection identifier

6. Confirm the addition by clicking Finish 1 .

Finish adding

7. Wait while Veeam ONE Monitor collects the information. The server is displayed in the Virtual Infrastucture section.

Server added

Overview of supervision

Veeam ONE Monitor provides CPU / RAM / network / disk performance information for hypervisors and virtual machines.

He will also analyze the events on hypervisors and send back alerts.

Host Statistics (Hypervisor):

Overview host

Alarm management:


VM using the most resource:




Summary of virtual machines:

VM list