Installation and configuration of replica storage

Configure replication in PowerShell

1. On the source server, open a PowerShell command prompt in Administrator and enter the following command:

New-SRPartnership -SourceComputerName LAB-FIC1 -SourceRGName rg01 -SourceVolumeName D: -SourceLogVolumeName L: -DestinationComputerName LAB-FIC1-SR -DestinationRGName rg02 -DestinationVolumeName D: -DestinationLogVolumeName L: -LogSizeInBytes 2GB


-SourceComputerNameNetbios name of the source server
-SourceRGNameName of the source replication group
-SourceVolumeNameVolume (s) to replicate
-SourceLogVolumeNameVolume of the source logs
-DestinationComputerNameNetbios name of the destination server
-DestinationRGNameDestination replication group name
-DestinationVolumeNameReplica Volume (s)
-DestinationLogVolumeNameDestination logs volume
-LogSizeInBytesLog size (default: 8GB)

Result of the command:

DestinationComputerName : LAB-FIC1-SR
DestinationRGName       : rg02
Id                      : 2856278e-643f-49c7-9842-b25aabb5a70e
SourceComputerName      : LAB-FIC1
SourceRGName            : rg01
PSComputerName          :

2. Go to the destination server, the replicated drive should no longer be available in the interface.

replica volume unavailable