DFS : installation and configuration – Distributed File System

Configuration: Creating a namespace

1. From the “DFS Distributed File System Management” console, click New Namespace … 1 in the Actions section.

Console DFS

2. Enter the name 1 of the server that will host the namespace and click Next 2 .

Serveur DFS

3. Enter the root share name 1 and click Next 2 .

Nom racine

4. Choose Domain Name Space 1 and click Next 2 .

Type d'espace de nom

A domain name space allows access to the folder by an address of type: \\domain-name\root-share\shared-folder.

5. Click the Create button 1 .

Lancer la création

6. Once created, click Close 1 to exit the wizard.

Ferme l'assistant

7. The namespace is available in the 1 administration console. You can now access the share \\domain-ad\share.

Namespance dans la console

8. By clicking on the 1 namespace and going to the 2 Namespace Servers tab, you can see the server path 3> >.

Accès à l'espace de nom