Centreon: installation, configuration and supervision of equipment

Configuration Centreon

Poller configuration

1. Go to the Centreon web interface, enter the login / password 1 configured during the installation and click on Connect 2.

Centreon configuration 1/11

2. On the interface, click Configuration 1 / Pollers 2. The default poller is not running A. Click on Export configuration 3 to access the parameters of the Poller.

Centreon configuration 2/11

3. In Pollers, select Central 1, tick Actions 2, Method choose Restart 3 and click Export 4.

Centreon configuration 3/11

This action will create a first configuration to poll and start it.

4. The result of the export is displayed 1.

Centreon configuration 4/11

5. Return to Pollers list, Is running should switch to YES 1.

Centreon configuration 5/11

Installing the Plugin Packs

When installing Centreon, it is delivered without sensors. In this part, we will see how to install Centreon’s default sensor pack.

1. Click on Administration 1 / Extensions 2 and then on centreon-pp-manager 3.

Centreon configuration 6/11

2. Click the Install Module 1 button.

Centreon configuration 7/11

3. At the end of the installation of the pp manager, the page is reloaded on the list of modules. The installed column is now marked Yes 1.

Centreon configuration 8/11

4. Go now to Configuration 1 / Plugin Packs 2. On this page is available the set of supervision sensor plugins. By default, there are 10 packs of available, to get the others, you have to subscribe to a subscription.

Centreon configuration 9/11

5. Move your cursor over a plugin and click on the + 1 installed.

Centreon configuration 10/11

6. Install the available plugins.

Centreon configuration 11/11

Centreon is now operational and can receive equipment to supervise.