IPAM: Installing and Configuring IP Address Management on Windows


In this part, we will see different action possible since IPAM, this is just a preview, I invite you to delve into the menus of the console and read the various help available.

Find a free IP address

This technique is valid for both DHCP and IPAM managed ranges.

1. From the menu: IP ADDRESS SPACE 1 / IP address block 2 . Filter the result by selecting IP address ranges 3 . Right click on a range 4 and click on Search and assign an available IP address … 5 .
Recherche IP

2. On the new window that opens, IPAM will try to recover a free IP 1 on the range, for that a ping is sent.
Recherche d'IP

3. When an address is found 1 no answer to the ping, it is possible to go to the following address by clicking on A Find the next one. To reserve the IP, simply click on Apply 2 and OK 3 to add the address to IPAM.
Ajout de l'adresse dans la base

Information about server-managed IP address scopes

View address ranges

1. Go to IP ADDRESS SPACE 1 / IP address block 2 . Select IP address ranges in filter 3 . If nothing is displayed, click on TASKS A and then Retrieve address space data B .
Récupérer bloc sur les serveurs

2. The list of address ranges is displayed with different statistical information for each.
Liste des plages

DHCP server administration

1. From the IPAM management page, go to DNS Servers and DHCP 1 , filter the DHCP server type 2 . This will display the IPAM managed servers, select a 3 server to have the 4 properties.
IPAM voir les serveurs DHCP

2. Right-click on a server, the various possible actions are displayed.
Actions sur serveur DHCP

3. On the left menu, click DHCP Extents 1 . As with servers, all DHCP scopes are displayed with the properties.
Étendue DHCP

Modify a DHCP scope

1. Select the scope to be modified 1 , right click on it and click on Change DHCP scope 2 .
Modifier etendue

2. Modify the parameters of the scope and validate by clicking Apply and OK.
Formulaire étendueFormulaire étendueFormulaire étendue

Create a new DHCP scope

1. On the list of DHCP servers in IPAM, right-click on the server where the scope is to be added and click Create DHCP scope 1 .
Nouvelle etendue

2. Fill in the scope information and click Apply and OK to start the creation.
Configuration etendueConfiguration etendue

3. Go to the DHCP server and check the creation of the scope.
Etendue ajoutee au serveur DHCP

Create a DHCP reservation

1. Go to the list of DHCP extents 1 , right click on the range 2 where the reservation must be added and click on Create a DHCP reservation 3 .
Réservation DHCP

2. Before configuring the reservation, retrieve the MAC address 1 from the network card that will receive the IP address.
Réservation DHCP

3. Configure the reservation, enter Name 1 , IP Address 2 and MAC Address 3 . Then click on Options 4 .
Réservation DHCP

4. Configure the DHCP options, click the New 1 button to add. When done click on Apply 2 .
Réservation DHCP

5. Wait while adding the reservation to the DHCP server.
Réservation DHCP

6. Once the confirmation of the creation of the reservation, click OK 1 to close the window.
Réservation DHCP

7. Go to the DHCP server and check the creation of the reservation.
Réservation DHCP

Manually Managed IP Address Scope Information

It is possible in IPAM to add addressing blocks that are not managed by DHCP servers. Block management must be done manually.

Add an IP address range

IP ranges will allow IPAM to search available addresses using the console.

1. From the IPAM interface, go to IP address block 1 , click on TASKS 2 and then Add IP address range 3 .
Gestion hors DHCP

2. Enter the IP range information 1 then click Apply 2 and OK 3 .
Gestion hors DHCP

3. The range is added 1 .
Gestion hors DHCP

Find an available IP address

1. Right-click on the 1 range and click on Search and assign an available IP address … 2 .
Gestion hors DHCP

2. The IP is taken 1 , click on Find the next 2 to find an address that does not answer the ping.
Gestion hors DHCP

3. The IP is free 1 , down the elevator to display the Basic Configurations 2 section.
Gestion hors DHCP

4. Enter the configuration information 1 , then click Apply 2 and OK 3 .
Gestion hors DHCP

5. Display IP addresses 1 by changing the filter, we find the address 1 .
Gestion hors DHCP

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