Hyper-V : enable nested virtualization

Presentation Nested virtualization is a feature available on Hyper-V from Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10, which enables virtualization options in a virtual machine. To put it simply, nested virtualization allows virtualization in a virtual machine. There are also some prerequisites : The Hyper-V host must be on Windows Server 2016/2019 or Windows 10 1607 …

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Hyper-V: Create a virtual switch

Commutateur créé

Presentation A virtual switch in Hyper-V is a virtual switch that allows the connection of network adapters to be created using Hyper-V (virtual machine or host). Under Hyper-V, there are 3 types of virtual switches: External : Create a physical switch that is attached to the physical network adapter so that computers can access a …

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Failover Clustering Windows 2016/2019 – Installation and Configuration

Noeuds du cluster

Presentation The failover clustering feature ensures high availability of a service by using multiple servers (nodes) that can make it work. Some examples of services that can be used with the Failover Cluster feature: Hyper-V SQL Server DAG Exchange … Prerequisites 2 servers minimum having the same hardware and software configuration. Nodes must be members …

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UPD increase the size

If you have activated user profile disks on your RDS farm and you need to increase the size of a disk you must go through a machine with the role of Hyper-V Step 1: Installing the Hyper-V Role on a Virtual Machine (Optional) We will start by installing the Hyper-V role on a virtual machine. …

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Hyper-V: Merge a virtual disk without snapshot

Symptom Solution: Merge virtual disks of differentiation Using the Hyper-V console, you will have to merge all the control points to the parent disk. Before performing this operation, it is strongly recommended to make a backup. Disk merging must be done virtual machine off. Repeat the process until the fusion of all differencing disks and …

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Hyper-v: shut down a virtual machine that is not responding

stop vmwp.exe

Sometimes a virtual machine stops responding during a shutdown. Here’s how to stop the vm. Force stop by the process Each virtual machine running on a Hyper-V host has a process dedicated to it. Stopping this one stops the virtual machine. For starters, it is necessary to recover the GUID of the virtual machine, it …

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