Veeam: Resolving the Volume Problem of Backups on Deduplicated Servers

Symptom On Windows servers with deduplication enabled, at regular intervals the backup size is increased. Below are several screenshots showing the problem: Reason The problem is not with Veeam software, but with deduplication on Windows Server. When configuring deduplication, a memory cleanup job is configured to optimize deduplication, by default this is done every Saturday …

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OneDrive OnPremise with SharePoint

Open folder

OneDrive is Microsoft’s tool for storing information in the cloud and having a synchronized copy on your computer. This solution is increasingly used by individuals to save their data, so we are left with users who uses their personal drive to store professional files. OneDrive is available in Office 365 offers, in company you may …

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Veeam ONE: installation and configuration

Overview backup

Veeam ONE is a “free” software package offered by Veeam for virtual infrastructure supervision. Veeam ONE consists of software: Veeam ONE Monitor which allows the supervision of hypervisors (Hyper-V and VMware) and virtual machines. It is also possible Veeam ONE Reporter which allows to generate reports on the virtual environment. 1. Mount the ISO on …

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PRTG: Supervision of a QNAP NAS

In this tutorial, I will explain how to supervise a QNAP NAS with PRTG. PRTG integrates a model for QNAP NAS that allows the automatic creation of the following sensors: QNAP system status Physical disks Logical disks. Configure the SNMP Agent on the NAS 1. On the NAS web interface, open the control panel and …

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PRTG: equipment dependent on a parent


PRTG allows you to create dependencies between multiple devices. This allows in case of failure of a device to pass the others automatically paused. This parameter can be used with servers and a switch. In this tutorial, we will use it to bind a server to a database instance. If on a server, there are …

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