GPO: Installing the FusionInventory Agent

Following the many messages that I can see on the forum regarding the installation of the FusionInventory agent, I will explain how I have been proceeding for several years.

In this article, I will explain how to install the FusionInventory agent using a script that runs when the computer starts up.

It is possible to install the agent with a user-level login script if the user is an administrator of his workstation because the script is executed in the context of the user, so he needs them. rights to install software.

Steps to Install the FusionInventory Agent

Agent download

Download the FusionInventory agent (s) on the Github repository and place it (s) on the GLPI web server so that it is accessible on the web. It is also possible to configure the agent url directly on the Github repository, which often involves a rule in the company’s firewall, because the station is not authenticated when it goes to the Internet.

agent in web server

The installation script

We must now retrieve the installation script for the FusionInventory agent. Personally I use the VBS script available below. and adapt it to your configuration.

Download the FusionInventory Agent Installation Script : fusioninventory-agent-deployment.vbs

Customizing the script

Line numbers are indicative

line 68 :

SetupVersion = "2.4"

Put the version of the agent to install, in example 2.4.2

SetupVersion = "2.4.2"

Line 88 :

SetupLocation = "" & SetupVersion

Modify according to the url of your GLPI server:

SetupLocation = "https://glpi.rdr-it.lan/agents-fusion/"

Line 105 :

SetupOptions = "/acceptlicense /runnow /server='' /S"

Modify the /server=”xx” parameter by adapting the url to your GLPI server.

SetupOptions = "/acceptlicense /runnow /server='http://glpi.rdr-it.lan/plugins/fusioninventory/' /S"

Save file. You must now create a GPO to run the script when the station is started.


This solution allows the installation of the fusion inventory agent on computers in a domain, there is other method to deploy the agent, if you have a software deployment solution, it is also possible to use it .

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