Active Directory: installation and configuration of a domain controller

Active Directory Management Consoles

The set of administration consoles can be accessed by the Server Manager by clicking Tools 1 .

Console lists for manage Active Directory

Domains and Active Directory Trust

This console is used primarily for the trust relationship between domains and forests.

Domain and approval

If you want to add a UPN suffix to your domain this is done through this console. If your domain is your-company.local and you want to allow your users to connect with their email address (, you must add the suffix using this console.


Group Policy Management

This console is used to administer the GPOs, this is where you can configure network drives, Windows settings …

Group policy management

ADSI modification

This console is to be used with great care, it allows to act directly the records of the LDAP database and modify its structure.


Active Directory Sites and Services

This console is mainly used in the multi-site environment. It makes it possible to declare the sites and the IP addresses, to manage the replication between the controllers of domains …

Active Directory sites and services

Active Directory Users and Computers

This console is certainly the best known and the most used, it allows the management of users, computers and groups.

Active Directory Users and Computers

ADAC Active Directory Administration Center

This is the latest console developed by Microsoft to replace the Active Directory Users and Computers console.

It allows the management of users, groups and computers, to the Active Directory recycle bin, to dynamic access controls …

Now that we have gone through the administration tools, we will see how to add an OU, a user and a computer.