Work Folders: Installation and Configuration


The Work Folders feature allows you to set up a personal folder synchronized with a file server in HTTP (s) using a client available on Windows, Android and Apple.

If web access is published on the Internet, this solution can synchronize files even from outside the company for mobile users.

Work Folders are similar to using the OneDrive client, but do not offer direct Web access or the ability to share a folder or file with a URL.

To use OneDrive on a local infrastructure, it is necessary to have SharePoint.

Preparation of the environment

Location of work folders

On the server where the feature will be installed, create a folder that will receive the user folders.

DNS registration

Create a DNS record of the type workfolder.domain.tld that will point to the server.

Dossiers de travail : enregistrement DNS

Installing the Work Folders feature on the server

From the server manager, click Add Roles and Features 1 .

Gestionnaire de serveur

When launching the wizard, click Next 1 .

Assistant installation rôle

Click Next 1 and check that you have selected Role Based or Feature Based Installation.

Installation d'un rôle

Select the server and click the Next 1 button.

Installation rôle choix du serveur

Go to the File and Storage Services role 1 then check Working Folder 2 .

Cocher dossier de travail

Click Add Features 1 .

Valider l'ajout des dépendance

Click the Next button 1 .

Passer a l etape suivante

Click the Next button 1 .

Pas de fonctionnalite supplementaire

Click on Install 1 .

Lancer l'installation

Once the installation is complete click on Close 1 .

Fermer l'assistant

Server configuration

The administration is done by the server manager.

From the Server Manager, go to Storage File Services 1 , Work Folder 2 and click To create a synchronization share for Work Folders, start the New Sharing Wizard synchronization 3 .

Lancer l'assistant de création du dossier de travail

At the launch of the wizard click Next 1 .

Assistant de configuration

Enter the path of the folder 1 and click Next 2 .

Entrer le répertoire de stockage

Choose a format for folder names 1 and click Next 2 .

Format du nom des dossiers

Enter a name A and a description B then click on the button Next 1 .

Informations sur le dossier de travail

Click Add … 1 to allow groups to be selected.

Ajout des groupes utilisateurs autorisés à avoir un dossier

Enter the name of a group 1 and click OK 2 .

Sélection du groupe

Check the box to restrict access to folder A and click Next 1 .

Validation du groupe

Check the boxes according to the desired strategy 1 and click Next 2 .

Stratégie pour les postes

Click on Create 1 .

Lancer la création

Close the wizard by clicking the 1 button.

Fermer l'assistant

On the server manager, we can see the synchronization share 1 and the users who have a 2 access.

Administration des dossiers de travail

Configuration of the client computers

The work folder feature is installed by default on Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10 with the ability to configure the feature with an off-domain extension.

For Windows 7, the feature must be installed. Click here to download the components.

Windows 7 must be a member of the domain.

Message d'erreur Windows 7

Allow HTTP access for the working folder

By default, the URL the client only supports the HTTPS, to use the HTTP, you must add a registry key on the client computer.

Open a command prompt (cmd) as Administrator.

Enter the following command:

Reg add HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionWorkFolders /v AllowUnsecureConnection /t REG_DWORD /d 1
Commande pour autoriser le protocole HTTP

Restart the computer for changes to take effect.

Configuring the working folder on a client workstation

Open the control panel and click on Work Folders 1 .

Panneau de configuration

Click Configure Work Folder 1 .

Configuration du dossier de travail

Click on Enter Work Folder URL instead 1 .

Configurer par l'URL

Enter the configure URL in DNS 1 and click Next 2 .

Entrer l'URL

If you are using an HTTPS link, the URL must be valid at the certificate level.

Wait while connecting to the server.

Patienter pendant la connexion

It is possible to change the location of the A folder. Click on the Next button 1 .

Valider l'emplacement de stockage sur le client

Check the box 1 to accept the strategies and click on Configure Work Folder 2 .

Valider la stratégie et lancer la configuration

Close the wizard by clicking the 1 button.

Configuration terminée

The working folder is configured on the workstation, it is possible to see the available space on the server as well as the access url and check the status of the synchronization.

Gestion du dossier de travail sur le poste client

Use Work Folder

Open Windows Explorer and at the Favorites go to Work Folders 1 . All folders and files in this folder will be synchronized to the server.

Dossier sur le poste client

Create a new folder 1 .

Création d'un dossier.

On the server, open the server’s file explorer, go to the location where the working folders are stored 1 then go to the folder of the user 2 . Check that the folder created from the client computer is synchronized 3 .

Dossier sur le serveur

Open the server manager and go to the administration of the working folders 1 . Right click on the user 2 and click on Properties 3 .

Administration par le gestionnaire de serveur

From the properties, it is possible to see the different devices 1 used by the user.

Périphérique utilisateur sur le dossier

Automatic configuration of clients by GPO

It is possible to automate the configuration of Work Folders by using Group Policy (GPO).

The option to configure is: Specify the settings for Work Folders 1 located in User Configuration> Policies> Administrative Templates> Windows Components> Work Folders.

Acces aux parametres de la GPO

Enable the 1 setting and specify the 2 URL of the server that hosts the folders. If the Force automatic configuration A box is checked, the user will be unable to manually configure the working folders. Click on Apply 3 and OK 4 .

Edition des paramètres de la gpo

Use HTTPS for Work Folders

Two possibilities for switching to HTTPS.

  1. Go through a reverse proxy solution using SSL discharge (ARR or WAF).
  2. Install a certificate on the server. The Web server is an IIS Core installation must be done on the command line. (link)


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