Windows 2016/2019: Installing the Hyper-V role

In this tutorial, we will have how to install Hyper-V on Windows Server.

Hyper-V is the Microsoft hypervisor, built into the Windows server since the 2008 64bit version.

Since Windows 8, it is also integrated in the client version to replace Virtual PC.

Installing Hyper-V in PowerShell

Start a PowerShell command-line prompt and enter the following command:

Install-WindowsFeature -Name Hyper-V -IncludeManagementTools

Wait during the installation:
Installation Hyper-V PS
Installation Hyper-V PS

When the installation is complete, restart the server.

Installing Hyper-V in graphical mode

From the server manager, click Add Roles and Features 1 .
Lancer l'assistant

When launching the wizard, click Next 1 .
Assistant ajout rôle installation hyper-v

Choose the Role Based Installation option or 1 feature and click Next 2 .
Assistant : type d'installation

Select the target server 1 and click the Next 2 button.
Choix du serveur Hyper-V

Check the Hyper-V role 1 .
Cocher Hyper-V

Validate adding the administration tools by clicking Add 1 features.
Outil administration

Press Next 1 .
Rôle sélectionné

Press Next 1 .

The wizard allows you to configure Hyper-V during the installation, click Next 1 .
Assistant de configuration hyper-v

Click Next 1 to configure virtual switches.
Assistant commutateur virtuel

Allow dynamic virtual machine migrations to and from this server if necessary, then click Next 1 .
Configuration migration dynamique

Live migration (Migration) allows two hyper-v (same version) in an Active Directory environment to move a virtual machine from one server to another (vm on). This facilitates maintenance operations.

In a nonclustered environment, dynamic migration does not allow VM failover.

Click Next 1 , it is possible to change the default location of the virtual machines.
Emplacement par défaut

Check the box Automatically restart the destination server, if necessary 1 , click on Yes 2 to confirm.
Rdemarrage auto

Click on Install 1 .

Wait during the installation, the server should restart …

Once restarted, log in. The installation is complete. Click Close 1 to exit the wizard.
Installation terminée

You can now launch the Hyper-V Management Console to set up the hypervisor and start adding Virtual Computers.
Console Hyper-V

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