Sophos XG: change the SSL VPN port

By default the SSL VPN port on the Sophos XG firewall is 8443, since version 17.1 it is possible to change the VPN listening port. Using port 443 for VPN blocks listening to this port for other services (forward / WAF). 1. From the web interface, go to VPN 1 and click on Show VPN …

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Sophos XG: add a host

Host added

This tutorial shows how to add a host (object) on a Sphos XG firewall in order to be able to use it in the different traffic rules

Sophos XG: secure emails

Portail user

Introduction In this tutorial, we will see how to secure emails with a Sophos XG firewall. The firewall offers two modes of operation for filtering emails: MTA : the firewall will act as an SMTP relay Legacy : it will be placed in transparent mode, which we will see in this tutorial. In both modes …

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Kemp: solve the problem of mixed content

If you use Kemp to dump to pass an internet site in HTTPS, it is possible that part of the content of the site (images, css, js) does not appear, the browser returns a Mixed Content error, it means that calls to resources are made in HTTP. To solve this problem, one must make a …

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EMC Unity 300 add a LUN

LUN created

In this tutorial, we’ll see how to add a LUN to a UNITY 300 storage array using the Unisphere Web interface. Before adding a LUN, hosts must be configured on the array. 1. On the web interface, go to Blocks 1 / LUNs 2 and click on the + to launch the Add Wizard. 2. …

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Sophos XG : The user portal

The user portal Introducing the Sophos XG User Portal, users can: -> Consult their internet statistics (volumetry / time / quota). -> Unblock quarantined email if email filtering is enabled. -> Download the client and configuration to connect with the VPN client.

SOPHOS XG : clientless access

Clientless access presentation Client-free access to Sophos XG firewalls allows connections to corporate servers without a VPN client by going directly through an internet browser as Citrix does. Clientless access configure Firewall configuration 1. Go to the firewall administration interface. 2. From the navigation menu go to Administration 1 / Device Access 2 and verify …

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EMC Unity 300: Adding an FC Host

list initiator

In this tutorial, we will see how to configure a host on an EMC Unity 300 array. Before you begin, the server must be plugged into the array either directly attached or through fabrics. If you are plugging in multiple servers simultaneously, get the wwn to identify them. 1. On the Unisphere storage bay interface, …

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