Administer Windows Remote Server in PowerShell with PSSession


In this tutorial, we will see how to remotely administer a Windows server in PowerShell (Powershell remoting) with PSSession.

PSSession is the prefix of several Powershell commands that allow connection and management of it.

All the commands in this tutorial are to be done with a PowerShell command prompt


On the server where you want to connect, remote management must be enabled.

Remote administration

Connect to a server

With the current user:

By specifying the user:

Once logged into the console, the name of the server in square brackets appears first.

Now all the DOS and PowerShell commands will be executed on the remote server.

Example: View installed roles and features.


To disconnect from the server, enter the following command:

Lists of commands * -PSSession

From a command prompt enter:

Show help:



Check the WinRM service

Enable remote management in PowerShell

View WinRM configuration

Allow administration from any remote host

This command is useful for non-domain hosts because even if Remote Management is enabled, no hosts are allowed to connect.

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