Veeam import a backup repository

In this tutorial, we will see how to import backups into Veeam in case you need to access an old repository or import agent backups made on a network share.

Add the repository

1. From the Veeam console, click on BACKUP INFRASTRUCTURE 1 and go on Backup Repositories 2.
Veeam ajouter depot

2. Right click in the area of repositories1 and click on Add Backup Repository… 2.
Lancer l'assistant

3. Name the deposit 1 and click on Next 2.
Configuration du depot

4. Choose the type of repository 1 and click on Next 2.
Type de depot

5. Configure the deposit information (access address and login) 1 then click on Next 2.
Informations de depot

6. Click on the button Next 1.
veeam importer sauvegarde

7. Click on Next 1.
Veeam importer sauvegarde

8. Click on Apply 1 to confirm the addition of the repository.
Confirmer l'ajout du depot

9. Once the deposit is added, close the wizard by clicking on the Finish button 1.
Depot ajouté

10. The repository is added 1 and visible in the list.
Depot visible dans la liste

Import backups

1. Right click the depot 1 and click on Rescan 2.
Importer les sauvegardes

2. Wait while deposit synchronization.
Patienter pendant l'import

3. Close the window by clicking on Close 1.
Sauvegarde ajoutée

4. To access the imported backups, clickr Home 1, unfold Backup 2 and click on Disk (imported) 3to have the list 4.
Sauvegarde disponible dans la console

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