Stand-alone certification authority: installation on Windows Server

Export the root certificate

1. Open the “Certificates” MMC on the Local Computer account and go to the Trusted Root Certification Authorities 1 store.

CA console

2. Right-click on the authority certificate 1 , Go to All Tasks 2 and click Export 3 .

Export the certificate

3. When launching the wizard, click Next 1 .

export Wizard

4. Choose export format 1 then click Next 2 .

Export format

5. Indicate the location where the certificate will be exported 1 and click Next 2 .

Name and location

6. Click Finish 1 to start the export.

Start export

7. Export is finished, close the message by clicking OK 1 .

export finished

You can now deploy the root certificate to all the computers / servers in your infrastructure.

Now that we have the root certificate and that it is deployed on the entire farm, we will see how to generate a certificate.