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MDT: Add a task sequence

A task sequence contains a set of actions to be performed on the computer that executes it:

  • Windows deployment
  • Application installation
  • Sysprep
  • Backup
  • ….

In order to be able to deploy the Windows image, it is necessary to create a task sequence.

Right click on Task Sequences 1 then click on New Task Sequence 2.

New task sequence

Enter an ID 1 in Task Sequence ID, name the sequence 2 then click on Next 3.

Choose the Standard Client Task Sequence 1 template and click Next 2.

Select Template

Select the Windows image 1 to be installed and click on Next 2.

Choose the operating system

Choose Do not specify a product key at this time 1 and click on Next 2.

Configuration of the activation key

Click on Next 1 to pass the OS parameters.

OS Settings

Enter the password for the local Administrator account 1 and click Next 2.

Local administrator account password

We will see that during deployment, the password will be requested, it is necessary to configure the SkipAdminPassword = YES directive in the CustomSetting.ini file to take account of the password.

A summary of the task sequence is displayed, confirm the creation by clicking Next 1.

Summary of the sequence

Once the sequence has been created, click on Finish 1.

Task created

The sequence is added.

Task sequence added

The properties of the task sequence allow you to rename it, to deactivate it, which allows it to be hidden during deployment. The Task sequence tab allows you to see all the steps performed during the application of the sequence such as formatting, restoration … It is possible to customize actions such as adding a script. The OS Info tab provides information on the operating system linked to the task sequence.