GLPI: basic installation and configuration.

Basic configuration of GLPI


Log in with the default identifiers glpi / glpi.

An alert message appears about the Install folder and the default users.

Delete the install folder

Go to the installation folder on the WEB server and delete the install folder.

Return to GLPI and refresh the page. The alert for the installation folder should no longer be displayed.

Disable default users

To disable the accounts, we will use the bulk modification feature of GLPI. This feature allows you to edit a large number of items at one time.

From the navigation menu go to Administration 1 and Users 2 .

Aller à l'administration utilisateur

Select all users except GLPI 1 then click on the Actions button 2 .

select users

Select the action Modify 1 , choose the element to modify: Characteristic Active 2 , set the value: NO 3 and click on Send 4 to apply the change

Users are disabled.

Utilisateurs désactivés

Returning the home page, it should remain only the alert on the user glpi.

Change the password of the user GLPI

Access the account details by clicking on the logged in user 1 . Enter the new password 2 (2x times) and click the Save button 3 .

Modification profil utilisateur

Configuring the sending of e-mail

From the navigation menu go to Settings 1 / Notifications 2 .

Enable notifications 1 and click Save 2 .

Once the page is reloaded, click on Click on Configuration of follow-ups by emails 1 .


Fill in the form 1 leaving PHP for the Send Mode.


Exemple d’une configuration d’un serveur SMTP avec GLPI. (FR)