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DNS configuration of a redirector



When setting up a DNS server under Windows Server, you must configure a DNS forwarder to public servers to resolve external domain names.

It is possible to use the servers “roots”, the resolution time can be “long”.


1. Open the DNS console and right click on the server name 1 then click Properties 2 .
Console DNS

2. Go to the Forwarders tab 1 and click on the Edit 2 button.

3. Enter the IP address 1 of the DNS server and press Enter.
IP serveur DNS public

It is possible to use the DNS servers of your ISP, Google, CloudFlare …

4. Once the server is validated, click OK 1 .
serveur et service dns validé

5. Click Apply 1 and OK 2 to close the server properties.
Appliquer le configuration

In an Active Directory environment, if the DNS servers are integrated with it, the redirector configuration will be replicated.

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