ADFS: Installation and Configuration

Get started with AD FS

Admin console

On the server launch the AD FS Administration Console.

It is from this console that the different authentication and claim options as well as the federations are configured.
Console AD FS

Test the authentication portal

Add a DNS record that matches the fqdn name of the certificate and point it to the AD FS server.
DNS Record

To do if you are on Windows 2016 or +:

Open a powershell window and enter the following command:

Get-AdfsProperties | Select-Object EnableIdpInitiatedSignonpage

If the return of the order is False, enter the following command:

Set-AdfsProperties –EnableIdpInitiatedSignonPage $True

Launch an internet browser enter the following address: https:///adfs/ls/idpinitiatedsignon.htm
Form login
Click on the Login button to login.

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