Active Directory: Add a Domain Controller to PowerShell

Summary IntroductionPrerequisitesInstalling the ADDS role in PowerShellDomain Controller Promotion in PowerShellComplements Introduction In this tutorial, we will see how to add an Active Directory domain controller to an existing domain using PowerShell. To do this through the GUI, I invite you to read this article: Add an AD DS Domain Controller to an Existing Domain. …

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Work Folders: Installation and Configuration

Summary PresentationPreparation of the environmentLocation of work foldersDNS registrationInstalling the Work Folders feature on the serverServer configurationConfiguration of the client computersAllow HTTP access for the working folderConfiguring the working folder on a client workstationUse Work FolderAutomatic configuration of clients by GPOUse HTTPS for Work FoldersVidéo Presentation The Work Folders feature allows you to set up …

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File Server Resource Manager – FSRM – Files Filter

Console du Gestionnaire de ressources du serveur de fichiers

Summary File Server Resource Manager OverviewInstalling the FSRM featureConfigure email notifications in FSRMUse file filteringUse a predefined filterUse a custom filterCreating a group of filesCreating the file filter templateApply a file filterTroubleshooting Apply multiple filters on the same folder File Server Resource Manager Overview In this tutorial, I will introduce the File Server Resource Manager …

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Installing the .NET Framework 2.0 / 3.5 on Windows Server

Installation terminée

Many applications still need the .NET Framework 2.0 or 3.5 to work. For client computers, simply download and install. On Windows Server, the installation goes through the addition of roles and features and requires to have the DVD / ISO corresponding to the version of Windows Server, because the installation sources are above in the …

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PHP on IIS: Installation and Configuration

Icone IIS

Summary Presentation PrerequisitesPHP installationInstalling PHP Manager for IISPHP configurationEnable a PHP extensionUse different versions of PHP depending on the sites Presentation In this tutorial, I will explain how: Install PHP on IIS Configure PHP with PHP Manager for IIS Website creation or vhost Run different PHP versions depending on the site Prerequisites For PHP implementation …

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IIS installation on Windows Server

Console IIS

IIS (Internet Information Services) is a proprietary WEB server available on Windows systems, many Windows features and software rely on it as: Exchange SharePoint WSUS ADRMS … Like Apache, it supports the PHP language. IIS has a graphical interface for its administration. A module platform and plugins is available natively that allows the addition of …

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GPO: Enabling and Configuring WinRM – Remote Management

Summary PresentationGPO for WinRMConfiguring WinRMService configuration Presentation In this tutorial, we will have how to enable and configure remote management (WinRM – Windows Remote Management) using a Group Policy (GPO). On Windows Server, remote access (WinRM) is enabled by default, which is not the case for client versions of Windows (10). WinRM allows you to …

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GPO: Folder Redirection – Advanced Settings

Summary IntroductionPreparation of the environmentCreating Group Policy for Folder RedirectionGroup Policy Test Introduction In a previous tutorial: GPO: User Folder Redirection, I explained how to redirect user folders using Group Policy in a simple way. In this article, we are going to have how to set up a folder redirection using the advanced settings. Advanced …

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