ADMT: Active Directory Domain Migration Tool

ADMT: Computer Migration

ADMT also allows the migration of Computer objects, it is always possible to take the computer out of the old domain and join it in the new one. If the computer migration is available is that it brings a more how:

  • Group tracking
  • Processing user profiles which avoids having to redo the user profile.

The same wizard windows for migrating groups and users will be moved faster in this part.

On the ADMT console, right-click on Active Directory Migration Tool 1 and click Computer Migration Wizard 2 .
ADMT - Computer migration

Click Next 1 .
Wizard migration computer

Configure the source and destination and click Next 1 .
source and target domain

Click Next 1 on the computer selection option.
ADMT - select computer option

Choose the computer to migrate 1 and click Next 2 .
Select computer

Validate the destination OU by clicking Next 1 .
Target OU

Select the objects to be transferred in the new domain 1 and click Next 2 .
Translete objects

Configure Object Transfer 1 and click Next 2 .

During the migration the computer will be restarted, set the 1 delay and click Next 2 .
restart time after migration

On the two windows that follow, click Next 1 .

Start the migration by clicking Finish 1 to close the wizard.
ADMT - start computer migration

A window opens to control the migration agent, Select Computer 1 and click Start 2 .
ADMT - agent control

Once the tests are validated, select Run pre-check and agent operation 1 and click Start 2 .
Start migration

Waiting during migration … You can follow the migration in detail by clicking on Agent Detail 1 .
ADMT - Agent detail

Once the migration is complete, we see that the computer is waiting to restart.
wait reboot

On the computer a message indicating that it will restart.
Alert message on computer

On the destination domain, we see that the computer is present in the migration OU.
Computer added on target

Once the post redemarred, we can see that it has been changed domain.
Computer detail

On the agent tracking window, we also see that the migration is complete.
Migration completed

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