RDS Farm: High Availability Service Broker Configuration


Before embarking on the configuration of the high availability service several prerequisites are required.

Active Directory Group

Create an Active Directory security group and put the broker broker members.

AD group

DNS registration

Create a common DNS record for broker servers for client configuration.

DNS Records

SQL Server

In order for the servers having the broker service to access the same information, it is necessary to set up an SQL server.

For the realization of this tutorial, I installed a SQL Express 2016 SP2 server, which I configured with remote access. I have also installed SQL Server Mangement Studio to administer the instance.

Configure the connection for brokers servers

1. From SSMS, right-click on Connections 1 and click on New Connection 2 .


2. Click on Search … 1 .

new connection

3. In the object types, add groups 1 then add the server group previously created 2 and click OK 3 .

select group

4. Then go to Server Roles 1 and check dbcreator 2 and click OK 3 to add the connection.

connection configuration

5. The connection is added to the list.

Connection added

Configure the database

1. Right click on Databases 1 and click on New database 2 .

Add database

2. Enter the name of the database 1 and click OK 2 .

Database name

3. The database is added.

DB added

4. Modify the previously created connection for connecting brokers by adding the db_owner role to the database for the broker service.

Edit connection for database

Broker Servers

On each broker server, you must install the native SQL client (sqlncli.msi). It is available in SQL Server sources.