WDS: installation and configuration

Windows Server 2012R2 Windows Server 2016 Windows Server 2019

Add a boot image

Boot images are WinPE environments that allow the installation of Windows. To add the boot image, you have to have access to a Windows ISO, we will use the boot.wim which is in it.

On the WDS console, right-click on the Boot Image 1 folder and click Add boot image 2 .

Add image

Get the boot.wim file 1 on a Windows support then click Next 2 .

Select boot.wim

If necessary change the name of the image, click Next 1 .

Name of image

Click Next 1 to confirm the addition.

confirm add image

Wait while adding the image …

Once the image has been added, exit the wizard by clicking on Finish 1 .

Image added

The image is available in the Startup Images folder.

images available on the wds server

We can now test the proper functioning of the WDS services by starting on the network a computer and see if the WDS server responds. At the choice of language, shut down the computer. The boot image has loaded, it will not be possible to go further because there is no installation image.

If you are using a physical machine, it is possible that the boot image does not load due to a driver error, we will see later in the tutorial how to add drivers to WDS services and how to integrate them into the boot images and capture.