DirectAccess – Installation – Configuration in Windows Server 2016/2019

Windows Server 2012R2 Windows Server 2016 Windows Server 2019

Authentication of computers by certificate

To increase security, it is possible to use Computer Certificates. To enable this feature, it is necessary to have a configured enterprise certification authority.

Configuring this option after deployment may prevent computers from connecting if they do not have a certificate.

From the Remote Access Management Console in the DirectAccess configuration, click the Edit 1 button in step 2.

Edit DirectAccess config

Go to Authentication 1 , check the Use Computer Certificates 2 box and click on the 3 Browse button.

Enable computer certificate

Select the certificate authority 1 .

Select AC

Click on Finish 1 to validate the configuration.

Valid config

Click Finish 1 to apply the configuration to DirectAccess.

Apply config at DirectAccess

Click on Apply 1 .

Apply the configuration at DirectAccess

Once the configuration is applied, exit the window by clicking Close 1 .

Configuration applied to DirectAccess