Hyper-V: Merge a virtual disk without snapshot


In the Hyper-V Manager, the virtual machine does not have checkpoints, but in the folder where the computer is stored, the virtual disk has several checkpoint segments with the avhd extension or avhdx.

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Solution: Merge virtual disks of differentiation

Using the Hyper-V console, you will have to merge all the control points to the parent disk.

On the Hyper-V console, from the Actions menu click Edit Disk 1 .
Hyper-V Management

When launching the wizard, click Next 1 .
before starting

Select the most recent AVHD file 1 then click Next 2 .
Select avhd(x) file

Choose the merge action 1 then click Next 2 .
choose the merge action

Choose the option To parent virtual hard disk 1 and click Next 2 .
Select target

A summary of actions is displayed, click Finish 1 to confirm the merge and start it.

Wait while merging the virtual disk ….
Wait during merging disk

Once the merge is done, exit the wizard by clicking on Finish 1 .
complete merger

Repeat the process until the fusion of all differencing disks and so as to have a VHD file or VHDX.

Once the VHD (X) is recovered, modify the virtual machine by attaching the disk instead of the differential disk.

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