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Create a capture image

A capture image is a WinPE environment that allows the capture of a Windows ready to be reinstalled.

The article: WDS: capture an image of Windows, explains you how.

From a boot image, right click on 1 and click on Create Capture Image 2 .

An assistant starts to create the image, name the image 1 , change the description 2 . Indicate the location and name of the file (.wim) where the image 3 will be saved and click Next 4 .

If you click browse to indicate the location and file name, the explorer button says Open, read rather than save.

Wait during the generation …

The capture image is created, check the box Add an image to Deployment Server 1 and click Finish 2 .

The Add Image Wizard opens, click Next 1 for each window.

Wait while adding the image …

wait add image

The capture image is added, close the wizard by clicking Finish 1 .

wds capture image added

The image is added to the Boot Images.