VPN Server with Windows Server: Installation and Configuration

Configure the VPN connection on Windows 10


The VPN server is configured and accessible from the Internet, to configure the VPN on Windows 10, open the settings and go to Network and Internet. Click on Configure a new connection 1 .
Add VPN connection in Windows 10

Choose the connection option: Connect to your workspace 1 and click Next 2 .
Connection type

Click on Use my Internet Connection (VPN) 1 .
Select VPN

Enter the IP address or DNS name 1 for the VPN connection, name the connection 2 and click Create 3 .
Adresse du serveur VPN / VPN server address

The connection is added 1 in the VPN part 2 .
Connexion VPN ajoutée / VPN connection added

Click on the connection 1 and click on Connect 2 .
Se connecter / Connect to

Enter the credentials of a member account of the group configured in the policy.

The connection is established.
Connecté au serveur VPN / Connected to the VPN server

The VPN connection is also available at the network card level in Windows.
Connexions réseau / Network Connections

Quick access is also available through the notification area by clicking on the network icon.
Connexions réseau / Network Connections

On the remote access management console, it is possible to track the connected clients.
Suivi des connexions / Connection trackingVpn connection detail

If you have not configured an EAP protocol, you must change the properties of the VPN connection through the Control Panel / Network Center and share / Change the card settings, right-click on the VPN network card and go to the Properties. Go to the 1 Security tab, choose Allow these 2 protocols and check the 3 authentication protocol (s) to be used then validate by clicking on OK 4 .
Sécurité de la connexion VPN / VPN connection security


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