Veeam ONE: installation and configuration

Installation of Veeam ONE

1. Mount the ISO on the server where Veeam ONE is to be installed.


2. Start the installation program by clicking on the file Setup.exe 1 .

Veeam ONE setup

3. (Optional) If the UAC is active, allow the installer by clicking Yes 1 .


4. Start the installation by clicking on Install 1 .

5. Accept the license agreements by ticking the boxes 1 and click on Next 2 .

Accept license

6. Installation mode leave Typical 1 and click Next 2 .

Installation mode

7. Install the prerequisites if necessary by clicking on Install 1 .

Windows feature

8. Installed features, click Next 1 .

Windows components installed

9. If necessary change the installation folder and click Next 1 .


10. Set up an account for Veeam ONE 1 service then click Next 2 .

Account for the service

11. Configure SQL Server instance 1 and click Next 2 .

SQL Server

Here I used the instance that was created during the installation of Veeam Backup & Replication.

12. Set the license mode 1 and click Next 2 .

License mode

13. If necessary, change the operating ports of Veeam ONE and click Next 1 .

Veeam ONE port connection

14. If necessary change the cache directory and click Next 1 .

Cache folder

15. Choose the type of Virtual Infrastructure.

Type infra

For my part I choose Skip virtual infrastructure configuration.

16. Choose option 1 according to the environment and click Next 2 .

infra size

17. Click on Install 1 .

Start install

18. Wait during the installation …

19. Click Finish 1 to close the wizard.

Veeam ONE installed

20. To work properly, it is necessary to close / log on. Click Yes 1 to accept the disconnect.

Log off

21. The installation is complete, the software is now available from two shortcuts on the desktop, Veeam ONE Monitor for monitoring and Veeam ONE Repoter for generating reports.

Veeam ONE

Now that the Veeam ONE software suite is installed, we will move to configuration and Veeam ONE Monitor and we will then see how to generate reports.