Delete a backup control point in Hyper-V without a delete option

It happens in Hyper-V that a third-party software (backup) create a control point that is not possible to delete through the GUI.


You have to switch to PowerShell to delete the control point.

1. Open a PowerShell administrator window and enter the following command to display the snapshots.

Get-VMSnapshot -ComputerName <SERVER-HYPER-V> -VMName <VM>

This should display the control points of the virtual machine.

VMName   Name                               SnapshotType CreationTime        ParentSnapshotName
------   ----                               ------------ ------------        ------------------
MyVM SnapShotName - (DD/MM/YYYY - HH:MM:SS) Recovery     DD/MM/YYYY HH:MM:SS

2. Enter the following command to delete the control points:

Get-VMSnapshot -ComputerName <SERVEUR-HYPER-V> -VMName <VM> | Remove-VMSnapshot

3. Wait during the merge of the control point.


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