Active Directory: Restore default GPOs Default Domain Policy / Default Domain Controller Policy

Windows Server 2012R2  Windows Server 2016  Windows Server 2019

In this tutorial, we will see how to restore GPO Default Domain Policy / Default Domain Controller Policy to default.

On domain controllers, a DCGPOFIX command line tool is available to restore the 2 default policies.

Before proceeding with the restoration of the policies, I advise you to make a backup of this one before.

Restore the two policies: Default Domain Policy / Default Domain Controller Policy

From a command prompt launch as administrator between the dcgpofix command.

Confirm by entering the letter Y and confirm by pressing Enter.

A message appears indicating the operation has been completed.

Restore policy: Default Domain Policy

Enter the command dcgpofix /target Domain and confirm the action.

Restore policy: Default Domain Controller Policy

Enter the command dcgpofix /target:DC and confirm the action.

It is advised not to modify the two default policies except for certain parameters (password, kerberos …).

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