Sophos XG: installation on Hyper-V

Firewall registration at Sophos

In order to use the Sophos XG firewall, it must be registered and linked to a user account at Sophos.

1. Check the serial number is present 1 and click Continue 2 .


2. Click Create Sophos ID 1 if you do not have an account.

Create sophos id

3. Enter the requested information 1 and click Register 2 .

Create account

4. A confirmation email is sent, click on the activation link present in the message.

Account created

5. Return to the firewall registration page and click now on Sign In 1 .

Login in for register firewall

6. Log in with the account created previously.

Login sophos

7. Click Continue 1 .

8. Enter your 1 information and click Continue 2 .

personal informations

9. Wait …

personal informations

10. Click Confirm Registration 1 .

11. Registration is complete, click on Initiate License Synchronization 1 .

12. During the recovery of the license, I had the failure message below, For the passage, I handed the url of the firewall and I reconnected to the web interface and the license was installed correctly.