FOG agent installation script

The following script installs the FOG agent on fixed workstations at startup. The script must be placed in a group policy (GPO), which executes the script when the computer starts. Edit lines 8 and 9 by replacing fqdn with the URL to access the FOG server.

PowerShell: Force password change of users in an OU

The following script allows you to force the password change at the next logon.  

Tip: Run the script at night, if the password date has expired, users will have to make the change as soon as the script runs.  

Google Analytics: track outgoing clicks with jQuery

The script below allows you to track clicks to external links to your website. In addition, I leave you the code to track PNG image openings and zip file downloads.

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Powershell: Automatically decline ARM64 Updates on WSUS

The PowerShell script below allows you to automatically decline ARM64 updates from Windows 10 into WSUS. The script can be started manually or by a scheduled task. The script must be running on the WSUS server. Works under: Windows 2012 and 2010R2 Windows 2016

To enable email notifications: Pass the $ EmailLog variable to …

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