RDS Farm: High Availability Service Broker Configuration

Configure the broker service certificate

If you already have a certificate installed on the first broker server, just apply it to the one just added.

For the tutorial, we will create a self-signed certificate that we will apply to both servers.

1. Open the deployment properties, go to Certificates 1 and click Create Certificate 2 .
Create a new certificat

2. Enter the fqdn name of the certificate 1 , the password 2 , indicate the path and the name of the file to register 3 . Check the box 4 to add the certificate to the store and click OK 5 Create a new certificat

3. The certificate is created and ready to be applied. Click on the Apply button 1 .
apply the certificate

4. Select the other broker server 1 and click Select an existing certificate 2 .
configure second server

5. Select the certificate 1 , enter the password 2 , check the box to add it to the magazine 3 and click OK 4 .
Select certificate

6. Apply the certificate by clicking Apply as for the first server.

7. The broker servers are now configured.
server certicate configured

The broker service is now configured and in high availability.

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