PRTG: Configure a Netflow Sensor

PRTG has a Netflow sensor, which makes it possible to transform it into a Netflow server so that network flows can be analyzed.

Before configuring the sensor, you must set the network equipment to send the streams to PRTG.

1. From the equipment, add sensor 1 .
Add sensor

2. In the search area 1 enter netflow then click on the Netflow sensor 2 to be added (in the version 5 example).
Search Netflow

3. Configure the sensor by specifying the port 1 and the ip address of the sender 2 . Configure the data to be analyzed 3 and click Continue 4 .
Config sensor

4. The sensor is added 1 , wait while collecting and analyzing data.
Sensor added

5. When the sensor goes green 1 click on it to display the details.
Sensor valid

6. Overview of Netflow Data Detail:

Netflow sensors can help you analyze all the traffic on your network. To have relevant data, I advise you to set up this type of sensor on a core network or a firewall.

It can also be put on end switches to do an audit.


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