NLB: Windows Installation and Configuration 2012R2 / 2016 – Network Load Balancing

Adding a node to the cluster


1. From the Administration Console, right-click cluster 1 and click Add Host to Cluster 2.

Ajouter un noeud

2. Enter the IP or Host Name 1 and click on Connection 2.

IP ou Nom de l hote

3. Select the NLB 1 interface and click Next 2.

Selectionner l interface reseau

4. Click Next 1.

Valider la configuration IP

5. Click Finish 1.

Confirmer la configuration

6. Waiting during Host 1 enters the cluster.

Ajout de l hote en cours...

7. Both hosts are green 1.

Hote ajoute au cluster

You now have a highly available solution. To test from an IIS solution, simply put two different indexes on the sites and load the web page from different client.