MDT: use with a database

Configure MDT

The example of use after the configuration only on adding the computer and assigning the task, I only activate the necessary rules.

Right click on Database 1 and click Configure Databases Rules 2 .
Add rules

Computer Options: select Query for computer-specific settings 1 and click Next 2 .
Select rule

For other options deselect all by clicking the Deselect All button. To summarize the rules to add, click Next 1 .
confirm add rule

Once the rules are added, close the wizard by clicking on Finish 1 .
Rule added

If we look at the CustomSetting.ini file (Deployment Share Properties / Rules tab), CSettings has been added to the Priority parameter and the following section has been added:

In case the sharing has not been configured, add the following lines to the section (adapt to your environment):

Now that MDT is configured, we will see a use case.

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