MDT: use with a database

Configure the database


From the DeploymentWorkbench (MDT) console, unfold the Advanced Configuration 1 folder, right click on Database 2 and click on New Database 3 .

New database - mdt

Enter the server name 1 and the SQL instance 2 , configure the connection mode to the 3 instance and then click Next 4 .

Config server sql

If necessary, configure port 1433 for TCP / IP access

Choose the option Create a new database 1 , enter the database name 2 and click Next 3 .

Config database

Enter the name of the deployment share 1 and click Next 2 .

Config share

If the share is not filled in, you must then indicate an account authorized to connect to the database.

A summary is displayed, click on Next 1 .


Once the database is created, click on Finish to close the wizard.

Database created

We can now switch to the MDT configuration to use the database.