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MDT: Configuration of deployment sharing - DeploymentShare

The first configuration step (which is to be done only once) is the configuration of the network share, which will store Windows images, applications and drivers. The WinPE installation environment is generated from the deployment share properties,

It is possible to configure multiple shares from the same console.

Deployment sharing configuration

Open the MDT administration console available from the start menu.

Ouvrir la console MDT

Right click on Deployment Shares 1 and click on New Deployment Share

Nouveau partage de déploiement

Indicate the physical location on the server 1 and click on Next 2>

Emplacement du partage MDT

Indicate the name of the share 1 and click on Next 2.

Nom du partage

A $ is added to the end of the share name to make it invisible on the Windows network.

Enter a description for sharing 1 and click Next 2.

Click on Next 1 to validate the default options.

Option de déploiement

We will see in another tutorial, how to customize the entire deployment sequence.

A summary of the configuration is displayed, click on Next 1 to create the deployment share.

Résumé de la configuration

Wait while creating and configuring the deployment share for MDT.

When finished, click on Finish 1 to exit the wizard.

Partage de déploiement créé.

Share 1 is available in the MDT console in the Deployment Shares node.

If we look at Windows Explorer, we find in the folder almost the same tree structure as in the console.

Aperçu par l'explorer Windows

A few words about Deployment Shares.

As we can see on the previous capture, each folder available in the console (except monitoring) is physically present on the server.

The folders correspond to items available for deployment such as applications, Windows images, etc.

It is possible to create folders and sub-folders to organize items.

Presentation of the files: First step with the MDT console.

Deployment share properties

To access the properties, right click on the 1 folder and click on Properties 2.

Accéder aux propriétés

General tab

From the General tab, it is possible to modify the physical location and UNC. It is also possible to choose the supported versions. In a recent environment, it may be possible to disable x86 support.

Onglet General

Rules tab

From this tab, it is possible to modify the behavior of WinPE during deployment, to pre-configure options such as the keyboard, time zone … It is also possible to access the bootstrap.ini file which is a customization file integrate into WinPE image.

Each time you modify the bootstrap.ini file, you must (re) generate the WinPE image.

Onglet rules

WinPE tab

The WinPE tab is used to configure and customize the boot images.

Onglet WinPE

Monitoring tab

From this tab, it is possible to activate monitoring to follow the progress of deployments from the MDT console.

Onglet Monitoring