Join a computer to an Active Directory domain

To join a computer to a domain you have several possibilities:

  • By graphical interface
  • Command Line (CMD, PowerShell)


  • be an administrator on the local workstation.
  • have an account on the domain (preferably administrator).
  • at the network configuration level, have dns a domain controller.

By the graphical interface

1. Open Windows Explorer.

2. Right-click on This PC and press Properties 1.

3. Click Change settings.

4. Click Edit 1.
join domain computer

5. Enter the domain name 1 and click OK 2.
join domain computer

6. Enter the credentials of a domain administrator account and validate.

7. Validate the Welcome message in the field.

8. Restart your computer.

In PowerShell

1. Open the PowerShell Command Prompt as Administrator

2. Enter the following line adapting to your situation

add-computer –domainname mondomain.local -Credential MONDOMAINE\administrateur -restart –force

3. Validate your order with [Enter].

4. Enter the account password in the login window.

5. The computer will join the domain and restart automatically.

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