ISCSI Target Role – Windows Server – SAN

Configuring the iSCSI Initiator

1. Open the control panel.

Panneau de configuration

2. Click iSCSI Initiator 1.

initiateur iSCSI

3. If this is the first time you click on it, Windows will ask you for a confirmation of the installation of the service, click on Yes 1.

Confirmer l'ajout du service

4. Enter the IP address 1 of the server where the iSCSI target role is installed and click Quick Connect … 2.

Mettre l'ip du portail

In discovered targets, if the target server is not displayed, this is because the server has not recognized the initiator and, for security reasons, the volumes are not presented, if the target is displayed go to point 11.

5. Return to the server where the target role is installed. From the manager of this server right click on the target iscsi 1 and click Properties 2.

Gestionnaire de serveur

6. Go to Initiators 1 and click the Add … button.

Modification initiateur

7. Normally you should see the initiatior server with its IQN 1, select it and click OK 2.

Selection de l'IQN

8. Select the initiator configure in DNS 1 and click the Delete button 2.

Suppression du DNS

9. Apply 1 and click OK 2.

Valider l'initiateur

10. Return to the server where you are presenting the volume and click Refresh 1.

Actualiser le portail

11. Select target 1 and click on Connection 2.

Connexion au portail

12. Click OK 1 to confirm the connection.

Confirmer la connexion

13. Return to the target server and verify that Virtual Disk 1 and Target 2 are connected.

Validation sur le serveur cible