ISCSI Target Role – Windows Server – SAN

Installing the iSCSI Target Role


1. From the server manager, click Manage 1 > Add Roles and Features 2.

Installation du rôle

2. At this stage nothing special to do, click Next 1.

Installation du rôle

3. Install Type Select Install based on role or feature 1 and click Next 2.

Installation d'un role

4. Select Server 1 and click Next 2.

Sélectionner le serveur qui sera la cible iscsi

5. Check the iSCSI Target Server 1 role, located in File and Storage Services> File Service and iSCSI.

Cocher le rôle

6. Another window will open, click Add Features 1.

Confirmer le choix

7. Click Next 1.

Role installation

8. There is no need for additional functionality, click Next 1.

Pas besoin de fonctionnalité

9. Click Install 1.

Installer le rôle

10. Wait during the installation.

Patienter ...

11. The role is installed, click Close 1 to finish.

Installation terminée