IPAM: Installing and Configuring IP Address Management on Windows

Component installation

1. From the server manager, launch the role installation wizard and feature.

2. When launching the wizard, click Next> 1 .
Assistant ajout rôles et fonctionnalités

3. Type of installation: select Role-based installation or 1 feature then click on Next 2 .
Assistant : type d'installation

4. Select server: choose the option Select server from server pool 1 , select the server where IPAM must be installed 2 then click Next 3 .
Choix du serveur

5. Server roles: click Next 1 .
Assistant liste des rôles

6. Features:  search and check 1 IP address management server (IPAM).
Assistant liste fonctionnalité, choisir IPAM

7. Confirm Add Dependencies by clicking Add Features 1 .
Ajout des suppléments

8. Click Next 1 .
Valider les fonctionnalités

9. Confirm by clicking Install 1 .
Lancer l'installation

10. Wait during the installation …
Patienter pendant l'installation

11. The installation is complete, click Close 1 to exit the wizard.
Installation terminée

Now that all the components necessary for the proper functioning of IPAM are installed, it must now be configured.

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