Disable Bitlocker on a drive

Windows 10  Windows Server 2012R2  Windows Server 2016  Windows Server 2019

This “how to” tutorial explains how to disable Bitlocker on a hard drive.

Disabling encryption requires administrative rights.

Open file explorer at drive level

Open file explorer, click on This PC to display the list of drives.

Access Bitlocker management

On the encrypted volume, right click on drive and click on Manage Bitlocker.

Click on Disable Bitlocker

On the drive where Bitlocker should be disabled, click Disable Bitlocker.

Confirm disabling Bitlocker

Click on Disable Bitlocker.

Wait while the drive is decrypted

In the notification area, it is possible to follow the decryption.

Once the decryption is complete, click on Close

If you have opened the follow-up window, click Close when decryption is complete.

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