DFS : installation and configuration – Distributed File System

Configuration: Replicated Folder

In this part, we will see how to set up a folder replicate between multiple servers in a namespace.


  • The DFS-R role must be installed on the servers that host the replicated folder.
  • The folder must be shared on each server.

To illustrate the tutorial, we will replicate a common folder that is present on both servers (LAB-AD1 and LAB-AD2) which also have the namespace.

Configuring replication

1. From the console, right-click Replication 1 and click New Replication Group …. 2 .

Ajout dossier répliqué

2. Choose Multi-Purpose Replication Group 1 and click Next 2 .

Type de réplication

3. Enter the name of the replication group 1 , select the domain 2 and click Next 3 .

Nom du groupe de réplication

4. Add the servers that are members of replication group 1 and click Next 2 .

Ajout des serveurs

5. Select the full mesh topology 1 and click Next 2 .


6. Select continuous replication 1 and click the Next 2 button.


7. Choose main member 1 for replication then click Next 2 .

Choisir le membre principal

The primary member will be used as the source during the first replication.

8. Click on Add 1 .

Ajout membre

9. Select the folder to replicate 1 on the primary member and click OK 2 .

Dossier principal

10. Once the folders have been added 1 to the replication group, click Next 2 .

Dossier ajouté

It is impossible to replicate multiple folders within the same group.

11. Select member server 1 and click Edit 2 to configure the replicated folder path.

Configuration des membres

2. Enable replication on member 1 by selecting the option, indicate the location on server 2 and click OK 3 .

Activé la réplication

Points 11 and 12 are to be done on each member server of the group.

13. Servers configured 1 , click Next 2 .

Serveurs configurés

14. Click the Create button 1 .


15. The replication group is created, exit the wizard by clicking Close 1 .

Réplication créée

16. Click OK 1 to close the message, which informs you that initial replication may take a while.


17. The replication group is displayed in the 1 console.

Groupe disponible dans la console

Add the replicated folder to the namespace

1. Right-click on the 1 namespace and click on New 2 folder.

Ajouter groupe de réplication à l'espace de nom

2. Enter the name of the folder 1 and click on Add 2 .

Ajout des serveurs

3. Enter the UNC path of the share 1 and click OK 2 to add the folder.


4. Repeat the operation to add the servers that are members of replication group 1 and click OK 2 .

Ajouter tous les serveurs

5. An alert message appears, click No 1 . The replication group is already created.

Fermer le message

6. The file is added 1 with the different targets 2 .

Dossier ajouté