DFS : installation and configuration – Distributed File System

Configuration: Adding Shared Folders

In this part we will see how to add a shared folder.

The folder will be accessible at the following address: \\domain-ad\namespace\folder.


  • The folder must already be shared.

To illustrate the tutorial, we will add in an IT folder that is shared on the LAB-FIC1 server.

1. From the console, right-click on the 1 namespace and click on New Folder … 2 .

Ajout d'un dossier

2. Enter the name of the folder 1 in the namespace then click on Add 2 .

Nom du namespace

3. Enter the name of the server 1 , click on the Show shared folders 2 button, select the folder 3 and press OK 4 .

Ajout du dossier partégé

4. Click OK 1 .


5. Click OK 1 .


6. The file is added 1 .

Dossier ajouté

7. Launch Windows Explorer and verify that the added folder is accessible 1 .

Partage disponible dans l'explorateur