Active Directory: installation and configuration of a domain controller

Role Installation: ADDS (Domain Controller) / DNS

1. From the server manager, click Add Roles and Features 1 .

Gestionnaire de serveur

2. When launching the wizard, click Next 1 .

Assistant installation rôle

3. Choose Role Based Installation or 1 Functionality and then click Next 2 .

Type d'installation

4. Check the DNS Server 1 role.

Rôle DNS

5. Click Add Features 1 .

Ajout des fonctionnalités DNS

6. Check the AD DS Services 1 role.

Service de domaine Active Directory

7. Click Add Features 1 to add the management consoles.

Ajout des fonctionnalités lié à l'AD

8. Click Next 1 .

Rôles selectionnés

9. Pass the features by clicking Next 1 .

Passer les fonctionnalités

10. Click Next 1 to skip the summary of the DNS role.

Resume role DNS

11. Review the summary of the Active Directory Service by clicking Next 1 .

Summary role Active Directory

12. Click the Install 1 button.

Start installation

13. Wait during the installation of the different roles …

Wait during installation

14. The installed roles, exit the wizard by clicking Close 1 .

close the wizard

Now that the roles are installed, you have to promote the server to a domain controller.